JJ Watt

A top defensive player had  their second year ending season. The position was covered in the texans by Jadaveon Clowney, ad he had a great season. He appeared in the top 100 players. Next season could be a great one for the Texans, due to the return of Deshone Watson. So, the defensive unit need to be strong. In that context JJ Watt could return to with sacks and preassure in a division where the QB pressure will be underlying.

Carson Wentz

The  Super Bowl Champion  Carson Wenz, led his team for 13 weeks to the path of victory. Then in the Rams vs Eagles he had ACL torn, and was out for the season. Besides that they made it to the Superbowl and won it with Nick Foles. IN that context, seems that Carson Wenz will return as the starter. So, this could be a comeback year for him, and try to have a  competitive season.


Odell Beckham Junior, he was injured in pre season in a game against the Browns, he was out all season.  NY Giants had a difficult season, that’s why they had the 2nd overall pick . However in 2016 he had a terrific production and  no doubt he is one of the bes WR in the league.

David Johnson 

The Cardinals WR is back on track. In 2016  he finished with 1239 yards. This year he can  help Josh Rosen in the running game and become a threat in the flat and the backfield.

Deshone Watson

Another Texan player, Watson was not starter last season. He substitute Tom Savage in week 2. Since then he had  a 124.1 passer rating. Every game was a high scoring game, until week 8. However ,if he stays healthy, Texans can claim AFC South  crown and dream big.