The Rookies have the reflectors over them. All of them will have challenges to overcome in NFL 2018 season. Here we present an analysis of thr rookie QB and their future in the season.

Baker Mayfeld

The first overall pick selected by the Browns must show what his is made of. The Sooner former QB will  have Tyrod Taylor in the QB room. In the camp and the preseason the may be competing for the starter positon.  The Browns have improved their roster in the Free Agency and the Draft.  Baker will have a difficult task if he is elected starter. To over come a 0-16 season.

Josh Rosen

Selected in the 10th spot of the NFL Draft 2018 landed in the Arizona Cardinals. A team that lose his QB due to a retirement: Carson Palmer In the other hand they signed Sam Braford, he came out of an injury that benched him all season with the vikings and he is waiting for a comeback this season. However,  if Rosen gets the starter position he may face a difficult division.  So, that will be a grat challenge.

Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold has the opportunity to shine in the Jets, a team that need reconstruction. AFC East will have many changes, including another Rookie QB in the Bills, the comeback of Tanehill and the last years of Tom Brady.  Those conditions combined with Darnold’s talent could be good for the NY Jets.

Josh Allen 

Not the best ranked QB of 2018 college class but no doubt that he is an elite player. Bills Roster have Nathan Peterman and AJ McCarron in the QB Roster, both of them will be competing for the starting job. In FootballPro opinion Josh Allen will not be starter in 2018 season. However, he has to learn the playbook and be ready to be the QB of the future.

Lamar Jackson

The last pick of the 1st round draft 2018, out of Louisville. Mobile QB selected by te Ravens. This year he may learn a lot from Joe Flacco, and he may be the third QB, however, he  must start learning and be prepare to be the franchise QB for the future.

Quinton Flowers 

The UCF undrafted agent, was signed by the Bengals, He have the opportunity to proof himself as a QB or even as RB.