21. BillyPrice C – Cinncinnatti Bengals

Price’s power and leverage give him a huge advantage over most centers in this draft. He should be able to come into the league and deal with NFL power right away. However, his impatience as a blocker and tendency to charge in head-first will be used against him by savvy NFL opponents if he doesn’t get it cleaned up. Price should be a good, early starter.

22. Rashaan Evans LB –  Teneesee Titans

Out of Alabama, and as usual in recent years. Nick Saban defense was one of the best in the country. As Roquon Smith, is one of these new  fast linebackers with good play  and are fast reacting and reading the plays.  He is explosive, wrap-up striker who sees what he hits, he is also, a sub-package rusher with upfield burst to threaten the edge.

Hoowever, he have some opportuniry areas,  such as imrpoving leverage in his pursuit. Fast flow ahead of blockers can allow for cutback, he needs to improve his punch-and-separate when taking on blockers. Also, he often goes for the kill shot rather than wrapping up as a tackler.

23. Isaiah Wynn – NE Patriots

Wynn’s short, stout, powerful build and mobility make his NFL future at guard, but his versatility has helped him meet the team’s need at left tackle. He was a second-team All-American and first-team All-SEC selection in 2017, starting all 15 games on the outside to lead the way for the team’s excellent running back. Georgia had a grat season inthe running game.

24. DJ  Moore –  Carolina Panthers

The 2017 Big Ten Receiver of the Year and first-team all-conference selection stood out despite catching passes from four different quarterbacks. According to the NFL Draft profile he is very good combination of size and speed. Well-liked by coaching staff. Considered accountable and a good teammate. Took on extremely heavy target rate (39.5 percent) for offense ravaged by injuries at quarterback. Quick feet can bound and burst past press coverage. He is compared with Pierce Garcon.

25. Hayden Hurst TE –  Baltimore Ravens

His fearless play demeanor combined with size, strength and athleticism make him a well-rounded prospect with the versatility to line up all over the field. He’s sure-handed and could become a young quarterback’s safety blanket if he improves elements of his route running. He should see early snaps and has the ability to become a good combination tight end.

26. Calvin  Ridey WR – Falcons

Another player of Alabama.  And in our opinion the best WR of the class.  His speed, elite body control, and wiry-strong frame still showed on tape, making NFL scouts wonder what he could be on Sundays. According to the strengths in his profile, he dominates cornerbacks if they allow him free release. Speed is consistent in drive phase for short, intermediate and deep routes. Feet are crisp and hypnotic in their cadence along the route. Possesses elite separation talent. A perfect fit por Matt Ryan offense.

27. Rashaad Penny RB – Seattle Seahawks

The San Diego State punt reciever star. Volume-carry running back who plays with an active running style that rarely sees him slow his feet. Penny has the short-area foot quickness to create yardage for himself, but he doesn’t really have the burst or long speed to be a homerun hitter. His motor gives him a chance to be a productive NFL starter, but he may lack the explosiveness to be a great back. Its a great fit for the Seahawks who needs to improve their running game.

28.  Terrel Edmunds S – Pittsburgh Steelers

Drafted after his Brother and was not on Footballpromx Top 5 Defensive Backs.  Edmunds has size and burst which are coveted traits at the position. He has man cover talent against big targets and should step right into a role on the coverage units for special teams. Edmunds is at his best near the line of scrimmage and has eventual starter potential, but inconsistencies as an open field tackler may be a cause for concern. Good pick by the Steelers who showed a weakened defense in that last game lost vs the Jaguars in the Divisional Round.

29. Taven Bryan DL- Jacksonville Jaguars

Out of Florida. According to the NFL Profile, he is athletically gifted with loose lower body. Plays with flexibility and agility of a defensive end. Big upfield burst off the ball. Gets skinny and slithers through gaps causing disruption in backfield. Flashes disruptive potential that is waiting to be fully cultivated. Initial lateral quickness allows him to pace ahead of the block.

However same report indicates that he is narrow through hips. Body type looks out of place as an interior lineman. Lacks mass to hold his ground against power. Slow to unhinge from block when blocker finds his frame first.   And have to improve his awareness. He is compared with Cameron Jordan.

30. CB Mike Hughes

From Central Florida, the  2017 unbeaten college team, with a great defensive unit.  According to the NFL draft profile analysis he is capable of making huge changes to field position and momentum. Eludes first tackle on punt returns and can change field position battle quickly. Downhill kick returner with speed to house it once he gets his crease. But as a weakness the analysis shows that has room for improvement as a tackle.

31. Sony Michael RB – New England Patriots

From the Backfield of Alabama, Michel is a well-built, no-nonsense runner who is able to combine vision, burst, and physicality. While he can make open field cuts to find additional yardage, his running style is more angular in nature and he thrives when playing north-sout. However, NFL draft profile states that his iopen field balance is inconsistent, he plays with aging bull mentality in short yardage and needs to improve his feel for finding creases. A great add for a teams that will need a strong running game to open spaces for Tom Brady.

32. Lamar Jackson QB- Baltimore Ravens


Compared to Michael Vick, and out of Louisville, Heismann Trophy winner last year,  elusive QB, can throw and run, is really mobile. He can drive it with velocity.  Has improved ability to hold safeties and linebackers with his eyes. He can  deep ball touch off play fakes.Defenses require of full-time spy lightens coverage numbers.

However, some scout and teams,, are suggesting he may change his position  to wide reciever. Also, he recieve a lot of hits  as a runner, when he gets out of the pocket. And questioned for durability as QB. I assume, ,after RGIII experience.