Mexico City, Palillo Martinez Stadium

By Rodrigo Galindo

Last game for the Condors in LFA regular third season with a huge win and a promise for next year. The score was 55-15 with a feast of touchdowns passes of both QB Perez Arvizu and Chavez Mess to the two main targets, #81 Andres Salgado and #11 Preston Bailey.

Condors arrived to the game and they were already eliminated from any playoff chances, and the visitors Dinos,  were already in the top of their division and looking forward semi finals receiving the Raptors.


Photo: Condors Social Media

Condors started the game forcefulness, and they stayed that way in both sides of the ball. Different from how condors played all season long, with a strong start and a weak second half. Condors finished the season in the last spot of the center division, under the Mexicas  (Eagles), and the Mayas. However, there is a lot of expectations for this teams and their fans for next season.

In the other hand, Dinos had already clinched the home advantage in the semifinal. So, they rested some of their players and went to play to Mexico City thinking in the next game. A tough and difficult task, if they want to go against to the Final and Tazon Mexico III (Final), they need to be raptors. They made it last season, as visitors.