Taven Byran 

Out of Florida. According to the NFL Profile, he is athletically gifted with loose lower body. Plays with flexibility and agility of a defensive end. Big upfield burst off the ball. Gets skinny and slithers through gaps causing disruption in backfield. Flashes disruptive potential that is waiting to be fully cultivated. Initial lateral quickness allows him to pace ahead of the block.

However same report indicates that he is narrow through hips. Body type looks out of place as an interior lineman. Lacks mass to hold his ground against power. Slow to unhinge from block when blocker finds his frame first.   And have to improve his awareness. He is compared with Cameron Jordan.

Vita Vea, NT, Washington


NCAA Football: Washington at Colorado
Photo by Bengalswire

NFL-worthy size with thick hips and powerful upper body. Can be very intimidating at point of attack. Able to overpower lighter guards and usually pummels centers when isolated on them. Has power to press blockers off of his frame and the hip rotation and flexibility to dislodge them

Vea is a freak athlete, as few man can do what he’s able to at his size. Vea could sneak into the top 10. And the Bengals, Raiders or Ravens want him.

 Harrison Philllips, DT, Stanford

According to the NFL analysis, he is thick boned, burly frame. Not the greatest athlete, but makes a ton of plays. Extremely high tackle count this season for interior defender. Three-time high school state wrestling champ with strong core and power to torque blockers from his hips. Plays square and against double teams and can recover and anchor. Quality edge setter. Can peek-a-boo either gap to follow the runner. Background as scrambler in wrestling makes it hard for offensive linemen to finish their blocks against him. Active and determined.

He is prospected to be selected in the fiirst round. May be for the Raiders,  teh Atlanta Falcons or the Saints.

 Da’Ron Payne, Alabama

Another Nick Saben defensive player. Tall, heavy and strong. Built like a wall of granite with exceptional lean muscle mass. Tremendous natural strength. Compared with Brandon Williams and expecteded to be drafted in the first or second round. He may land ins Miami Dolphins, the Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons. Soecially looking forward to the future.

However his strength, quick OL can cross his face and find positioning to wall him off. Lacks a plan as a rusher. Can get better with using hands as rush weapons.

Maurice Hurst 

Maurice Hurts is still projected for being drafted in the first rounds.  Out of Michigan, compared with Maliek Collins and a first round prospect. His NFL profile indicates that e he has disruptive initial quickness when ball is snapped. Comes off the ball low and looking to eat in the backfield. Once he gets into the gap, can get skinny and slither through. Too quick for blockers to reach or trap. Motor and movement get him access to the pocket as a rusher.

However Hurst  was sent home from the combine because of a heart condition. Reports indicate that it doesn’t seem too serious, so a late team  could take him here, as they seem to be in a great position to gamble.