Tremaine Edmund

Out of Virginia Tech, a fast and big player, a complete Linebacker, he can cover the slot, blitz and in the edges. According to the NFL profile he is excellent lateral quickness to scrape and stalk. Uses his size and speed to cast a wide, playmaking net and cover large swaths of grass. Twitches for a second when it is time to make a play. Spins out of blocks to find his way back into the play. Combines length with rare reactive athleticism and agility to access and tackle opportunities from unconventional angles. Captures and finishes as a tackler at highly efficient rate.

However same report indicate that he needs to add more upper and lower body strength. Average base strength and high center of gravity create issues holding up at the point of attack.

In the Bay area he may be needed, in the San Francisco 49 ers or in the Oakland Raiders. And is expected to be drafted in the first round.

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Roquan Smith

Georgia Linebacker, one o f the best in that position and leader of Georgia defense. That defense that lead them to te National Championship. He is good at diagnozing the plays, he is fast, me moves like a defensive back, so he can cover a lot of the field. Is compared with Deion Jones and is expected to be selected in  the first round. .In Footballpro opinion this first linebackers will land in Bay Area in California.


Raiders,  Dolphins, Chargers

Rashaan Evans – Alabama 

Out of Alabama, and as usual in recent years. Nick Saban defense was one of the best in the country. As Roquon Smith, is one of these new  fast linebackers with good play  and are fast reacting and reading the plays.  He is explosive, wrap-up striker who sees what he hits, he is also, a sub-package rusher with upfield burst to threaten the edge.

Hoowever, he have some opportuniry areas,  such as imrpoving leverage in his pursuit. Fast flow ahead of blockers can allow for cutback, he needs to improve his punch-and-separate when taking on blockers. Also, he often goes for the kill shot rather than wrapping up as a tackler.

He can Land in Miami, or with the L.A Chargers.

Leighton Vander Esch

From Boise State  a fast mover, who accelerates quickly from side to side. He’ll take good angles when attacking capable of navigating and avoiding traffic, and good a run stopping.

However reports indicate that he is a solid tackler, but he is not as effective as some of the other top linebacker prospects do. And is projected to be 1st or 2nd round.

Tegray Scales

Finally, Tegray Scales of  Indiana. Instinctive and fast in diagnosing,  he reacts quickly to blocking  schemes and attacking aggressively. According to his NFL draft profile, he possesses high-end football intelligence. Has innate feel for running back’s cuts. Takes quality angles to the play and is able to adjust them around traffic

However, his size will be a problem, specially i run stopping,  he may be overwhemed by NFL Offensivelinemen. But, he will be a great asset in zone coverage. He is expected to be drafted in rounds 4-5.