Sam Darnold

The top Qb prospect for the NFL 2018 draft. Expected to b e selected by the Browns or the Jets in the first picks. He is the winner of the Rosebowl, out or USC.  According to his NFl draft profile he was voted first-team All-Pac-12 by league coaches in 2017, completing 63.1 percent of his passes (303-of-480) for 4,143 yards and 26 touchdowns on the for the conference champ.

Photo by USC

Also, he has the desired NFL size. Trusts his pocket and keeps eyes down the field. Looks off safeties. Takes what defense is offering and won’t overcomplicate it. Scans full field and eyes don’t get bogged down on a single target. Gets through progressions like a pro. Throws with desired anticipation and timing.

However it will be interesting if he will be the QB of the future for those franchise who desire him. The Cleveland Browns have selected top QB in the last years, and none of them have imrpoved their performance. May be they should strengthen that position in the free agency, instead of drafting.

Josh Rosen

Out of UCLA, a pocker passer with accuracy and the west coast system. According to his NFL profile he completed 62.6 percent of his passes (283-452), throwing 26 touchdowns, and ranking second in the country with 341.5 passing yards a game (3,756 total). Impeccable footwork and delivery balance. Plays with excellent coordination between eyes and feet. Gets head around quickly on play-fakes. Has experience under center. Anchors in pocket and doesn’t creep around needlessly. Trusts his protection and doesn’t take eyes of targets when pressure mounts from the edge.

However he has been critiizided for having a lack of mobility outside the pocket.

Where will he land? Denver Broncos have added Case Keenum to the roster, but also may select from the Draft. Another team for Rosen could be the NY Jets, in case they goes in the third round or even the Buffalo Bills.

Baker Mayfield 

Baker Mayfield from OSU, in the last of his college year he won the Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award, Davey O’Brien Award, and the Big 12 Championship and a spot in the 2017 College Football Playoff.

According to his profile he is tough and competitive. Plays with fiery demeanor and massive chip on his shoulder. Teammates rally around him on and off field. In complete command of his offense and has improved with each season. Light on his feet with quick setup in pocket. Has good pre-snap plan. Eyeballs and eliminates safeties to isolate man coverage on his receiver. Quick processor from read to read.

However the same report state that he needs to improve full-field scanning. Can be thrown off rhythm by delayed blitz packages and disguised coverages. Footwork is erratic. Creeps up in pocket towards pressure.

It is expected to be taken by the New York Jets, the Buffalo Bills or the Denver Broncos.


Lamar Jackson

Compared to Michael Vick, and out of Louisville, Heismann Trophy winner last year,  elusive QB, can throw and run, is really mobile. He can drive it with velocity.  Has improved ability to hold safeties and linebackers with his eyes. He can  deep ball touch off play fakes.Defenses require of full-time spy lightens coverage numbers.

However, some scout and teams,, are suggesting he may change his position  to wide reciever. Also, he recieve a lot of hits  as a runner, when he gets out of the pocket. And questioned for durability as QB. I assume, ,after RGIII experience.

Lamar Jackson is expected to be selected in the second round of the NFL draft.

Josh Allen 

Josh Allen, QB of Wyoming, according to the NFL profile, he is the prototype frame for pocket passer. Sturdy base allows him to shake off sacks and extend plays. Rare arm strength and overall arm talent. Has variety of release points if needed.  Able to thread the needle with a rocket launcher. Makes throws that no other quarterback in college can make. Excellent thrower of deep outs. Able to outpace safeties to deep sideline throw.

However he has never had completion rate higher than 56 percent in either season as a starter. Accuracy diminishes greatly when he’s forced to move his feet.

He may land in the Washington Redskins, besides the fact that they have Alex Smith in their roster. Other possible spot are the Buffalo Bills.

Mason Rudolf 

The underrated QB, out of Oklahoma State. According to his NFL draft profile  he stood in  the pocket and earned honorable mention all-conference honors, distributing the ball to either sideline, as well as down the field, for 4,091 yards (ranking eighth in the FBS) on a 63.4 completion rate with 28 touchdowns — but throwing just four interceptions in the process.

Also, he has great size and stands tall in the pocket giving him his true height as a passer. Does a good job of letting routes develop and wide receivers clear traffic. Slides in pocket for clean launch points and is rarely a static target for rushers. Keeps eyes trained downfield when sliding around pocket.

Is expected for the second or third round, and may be considered for the L.A Chargers, looking forward a back up for Philip Rivers, and possible succesor. He may go to the Steelers or even the Patriots.