Would QB Sam Darnold be Pick. No. 1? Or where will he land?

Among the top draft prospect is Sam Darnold from USC. The Rose Bowl Winner had a great year tith the Trojans and is expected to land in those teams that neeeds a QB. Some mock drafts have placed him in the No 1 Pick for the Cleveland Browns, who deseparatly need te rebuild a  0-16 team in a competitive division.

So, the first option where Sam Darnold may land is in Cleveland. Since the Browns need a reliable QB. Howe, No 1 Pick for the Browns have been inefective in the last years. So, in my opinion they should avoid that pick and focus on rebuilding the team and give Deshone Kiser another year of improving in the league.



Since the Pick No. 2 is for the NY Giants, some analyst and mock draft thinks that the Giants may go for a Quarterback. Taking Sam Darnold if the Cleveland Browns dont choose him. Or that they may choose Josh Rosen from UCLA. But, they are still few years for Eli Manning to play , and last draft the Giants choose UC Berkely QB Davis Webb who was Jared Goff succesor in college, and he fits in the Giants system So, the No 2 pick may go to Bills, Broncos or Cardinals for a last minute trade.

Other team that may go for a QB in the NFL 2018 draft are the NY Jets, who  have the third spot in the Draft and need QB and try to be competittive in a division domitated by the Patriots in the recent years .

If the Browns let Sam Darnold goes. Other teams who have top picks and strong need of QB such as Bills, Broncos and Cardinals may take him. But that seems unlikely since his is expected to be on the first spots of the draft.