Saturday at 5:00 PM Fundidores will face Dinos in Saltillo Olympic Stadium. Divisional game and the opportunity for Dinos to show their improvement.

Those teams faced in Week 1, where Dinos were blowed out in Monterrey, in a strenuous 17-0 score. Where Dinos offense could not score a single point.  However after 3 weeks many things have changed. Dinos came out from winning a really important game against the Raptors in the new Raptors house. (Naucalpan, Mexico State) , with a dramatic end.



Also, they had an extra win, because in their scheduled game vs Mexicas. Mexicas did not appear due to a conflict with the league.

They will be playing at home and t QB Mata Charles, rookie out of Tigres de Nuevo Leon.  have shown improvement for the team. He threw for :. On victory over Raptors.

And as said before, Dinos defensive backs have done well their jobs: Rizo, Alfonsin and Thomas have done important defensive plays. Specially last game vs Raptors, stopping Bruno Marquez passing offense.

By this time of the calendar, is a must win for the Dinos who have the destiny in their hands, wining this game, they can overthrow Fundidores in the first place of the division.

In he other side, Fundidores come from a lose against the Mayas at home last Friday. The Champion have a 3 winning streak. The Fundidores could not stopped RB Cojolum and Mayas offense. But, they are still in the first place of the division. This game will be crucial if they want to stay in the top of the division.