Week 3 LFA. Mexican football league is on their way to the the 3rd week. And this time, the only game in Mexico City will be Mayas vs Condors. The first divisional game for the Mayas.

Mayas had a difficult  time in the oppening game vs the Raptors; and they finally handled to have a win, when visiting the Dinos in Saltillo. In sunday they are facing the Condors.  Mayas and coach Alfaro system will be tested. Mayas have had mistakes in both games and the question will be if Coach Alfaro could overcome them in the practice of the week.

Nevertheless, with the return of Omar Cojolum #1, Mayas rushing offense is strong enough to defeat a Condors defense that can not stand for 4th quarters enterely. The question will be in the QB position and it’s passing game,  could Marco García  #12 find their recievers on sunday?

This game will be key for Mayas if they want to compete in their division and fight for the 1st place, before going back to the north to face Fundidores.

The keys for the game will be:

  • Ball security
  • Clock managment
  • Ball possesion
  • Special teams

In the other hand, The Condors have shown strong openings and week second half. Condors have faced Mexicas and Raptors, both undefeated teams. In both games, they started winning for 12 or more points and both finished with a huge margin diference 19-36 vs Mexicas, 26-46 vs Raptors. So, the question will be what is going on with the Condors in the second half? if they have shown that they have the players and the commitment.

In week 1 and two. Condors QB Jose Miguel Chavez showed accuracy and strong arm. He connected with Preston Bailey #11 and the presence of No.1 Pick Luis Humberto López in the backfield have strenghed Condors offense. However, in the defensive side, they have not stopped the offenses in second half.

The keys for the game will be:

  • Possesion of the ball , specially in the second half
  • Special Teams (FG)
  • A consistent defense