Score: Fundidores 15-44 MEXICAS

“Jesús ‘Palillo’ Martínez” Stadium, México City

By: Daniel Cortés Martínez

Fundidores vs Mexicas
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The Week 2 of the LFA is on the books and there are still two teams that have not met the bitter taste of defeat yet. One of these teams is of course the Mexicas who showed the results of great preparation, tough mentality and unity in their ranks after defeating the visitors Fundidores in imposing fashion.

The Mexicas opened the game with a deep bomb from QB Ricardo Quintana (No. 5) to WR Guillermo Villalobos (No. 84) for 71 yards in what would be initially called as a Touchdown, but reversed as Villalobos was down by contact on the 25 yard line from Fundidores’ territory. The Fundidores’ defense held back the Mexicas’ attack and prevented them for getting any points after the brilliant big play. However, the ensuing attack from the visiting team was not very effective in their part and after a couple of incomplete passes and drops, they were forced to punt the ball. Actually, the first quarter was a tale of punts because neither team was able to conduct a consistent offense and produce points.

The things changed at the beginning of the second quarter when the Mexicas found some groove in the offensive side of the ball with run plays by RB Vladimir Araiza (No. 33) and RB Vladimir Oliveros (No. 3) and pass plays by WR Ditter Smith (No. 17) paved their way for the first score of the day in the hands of WR Mauricio Garcia (No. 21) who shook off the bad tackling by the Fundidores’ secondary and found the end zone in a 26 yard Touchdown. The Fundidores’ tried to answer with some points, but they could not find any spark on offense, despite a 43 yard completion from QB Roberto Vega (No. 12) to WR Luis de la Torre (No. 14). Continuing with the trend that they established in the previous game, they suffered again from penalties on crucial moments that limited their production and stalled their attack as it was the case with this offensive series.

To close the second quarter, the Fundidores showed some sign of life in an 8-play series. QB Roberto Vega (No. 12) connected two times with Luis de la Torre (No. 14) and drove them deep into Mexicas territory. Next up, Vega found TE Gustavo Padilla (No. 9) in the end zone to tie the game leaving the crowd eager for an exciting second half. However, the offensive miscues continued largely  for the Fundidores in the second half as they could not replicate the success of their last attack amassing many incomplete passes and unproductive runs. On the opposite side, the Mexicas took the game in their hands and never looked back erasing completely any optimism from the visiting team.

QB Ricardo Quintana (No. 5) accounted for THREE touchdowns on the ground, adding to his impressive resume that began on Week 1. At the end of the game Quintana said that the offensive scheme that the Mexicas are operating is easy for him as the coaching staff exploit the most important capacities and abilities of their players. Consecutive completions on quick passes either with Diego Castro (No. 11), Fernando Álvarez (No. 22) or Daniel Ramírez (No. 81) are proof of the offensive production that was decimated for the loss of Guillermo Villalobos (No. 84) to injury. This formidable wide receiver corps was aided largely by the running backs unit that also suffered an important loss to injury on Vladimir Oliveros (No. 3) but Vladimir Araiza (No. 33) was able to carry the bulk on his place.

The mistakes on the Fundidores were plenty and continuous and the Mexicas feasted on them without mercy. First a muffed punt that led to the second score on the ground by Quintana, then Fundidores’ signal caller Vega (No. 12) threw an interception directly to the hands of Mauricio Garcia (No. 21) and on the next play Quintana found the end zone again to turn the game on the Mexicas’ side completely. The rest of the tilt was managed by QB Gerardo Ramos (No. 15) who got a Touchdown on the ground by his own. The Fundidores lost their way and on consecutive offensive series they turned the ball over via interceptions by Jovanni Carrillo (No. 40) who took it all the way down for a pick six, and Marco Antonio Lozano (No. 23) to practically seal the game for the home team.

The Fundidores return to Monterrey with their first loss of the season under their belt and seeking answers to their underwhelming performance on both sides of the ball. Now they must turn their minds and prepare to host another high-flying offense and unbeaten team when they face the Raptors on Week 3. Meanwhile, the Mexicas stand atop of their division as they pack their bags to travel to Saltillo to face the winless Dinos, but they must not get too confident with their unbeaten record and continue to work envisioning the ultimate goal that is the Tazón México III.

Outstanding Offensive Player of the Game: Mexicas QB Ricardo Quintana (No. 5)

Outstanding Deffensive Player of the Game: Mexicas DB Leonel Mendoza (No. 32)