The AFC won 24-23 to the NFC in the 2018 Pro Bowl, held at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

The NFC were the first to get ahead on the scoreboard, after Drew Brees found a good eight-yard pass to Vikings running back Adam Thielen.

Despite this, the AFC responded with a kick of 41 yards from Steelers kicker Chris Boswell to get close to the scoreboard.



However, for the second quarter, the NF C continued to show their quality, after Ben Roethlisberger was intercepted by Harrison Smith and made a pick-6.

Within a quarter of the game, Alex Smith, QB of the Chiefs, found Delanie Walker of the Titans, who was inside the diagonals, getting the first touchdown of the AFC.

The reaction would begin to weave and Bills runner LeSean McCoy carried the ball two yards to bring the AFC closer.

Although the NFC reacted with a field goal, putting 23 points on the scoreboard, under the controls of Derek Carr, the AFC put the seven points he needed to turn the game around, after a good pass to Delanie Walker.

With a recovery of ovoid by Von Miller, the American Conference took the win and lifted the Pro Bowl 2018 trophy