In social media, people have been speculating that the Patriots were received help from the referees, specially in the last drive of the second quarter when they threw to defining flags for the TD in that drive. And there is the feeling that this happened all year-long.

  1. In the game against the Texans, with DW4 as QB, the last drive ended with a Patriots TD Tom Brady to Brandon Cooks, and seems that he had not possession of the ball.
  2. The questionable call of catching rule to Jesse James in where the TD was overturned
  3. And the questionable call in the catching rule in the Buffalo vs NE game, when the reception was also overturned
  4. Finally the officiating in the AFC Championship
mmqb-brandincooks-catchPhoto by NFL Channel /Youtube

Much has been said of this and there have been statments from Jaguars players.

Speaking to reporters after the loss Jaguars cornerback A.J. Bouye questioned the officiating and pointed to an ignored head-butt from Patriots receiver Danny Amendola on the Jaguars’ Tashaun Gipson in the third quarter. Bouye claimed that the officials allowed the Patriots to try to bait the Jaguars into retaliatory penalties.

What is always curious is that the Patriots  in polemic  again, heading to the superbowl.

Photo by NFL/youtubeusatsi-10484612-jesse-james-steelers-inc


Traditional media usually do not cover this type of polemic.. but you can tell us what do you think…

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