In the big hall of an old colonial house in the heart of Mexico City, now used as a Museum. The mexican football league LFA carried out a formal dinner.  Were they introduced the new season, they awarded the best players an coaches from last season and introduced the calendar and the new uniforms. Certainly it was a great and spectacular inauguration for the emerging league, that is about to start their third consecutive season.

The stars of the initial league took place in the ceremony as they were cheered and congratulated by all the public. This awards brought together the best of the football in Mexico, including coaches, teams, owners, college coaches,  press,  representatives from the universities were this game is played and government officials.




The awards were decided by votes in Facebook. And the winners were announced by Enrique Zapata, spots director of the league.  The winners of the awards were as follows:

  • The OL of the year was for Jonathan Segura #73 Mayas.
  • The DL of the year was for  Octavio Martínez, #98 Mexicas.
  • The DB of the year Luis González, #24  Raptors.
  • The LB of the year was for Ángel Rosado, #52 Condors.
  • The best ground player for Omar Cojolum, #1 Mayas.
  • The Best WR for  Gerardo  Álvarez, #3 Dinos.
  • The coach of the year Ernesto Alfaro,  Mayas (who also coaches the Burros Blancos: a college team)
  • The defensive of the year for Daniel Carrete, LB #11  Dinos.
  • Offensive of the Year for Josué Martínez, WR #81 Mayas
  • And the MVP for Bruno Márquez QB from Raptors.

So,  the season is about to begin. And we will not miss football that much after the Superbowl. So we will have football on spring, and gere in footballpromx we will have for you the best stats, comments and reviews of the games.