It was 2007 season. The Jags coached by Jack del Rio have made it to the playoffs, defeated the Steelers as visitors in Heinz Field and flew to Gillete Stadium to the divisional Round Against the Patriots. They lost, that season. The 18-0 season… sorry the 18-1 season.

That time, Jaguars defense could not stopped Brady and their offense. And their dynamic offense leaded by David Garrard scored  20 points. But that last  interception sentenced Jaguars dreams.

After 10 years, many thins have changed in both teams. This time the winner of the game will go to the SuperBowl.  In the Jaguars side everything have changed: Coaches, players, systems. For the Patriots Bill Bellichik and Tom Brady are still there.

The patriots are #1 in power rankings after beating the Titans 34-14. They have great coaching, they have Tom Brady, that have shown that when he is well positioned, he can throw the ball and made important completions. WR Hogan in the deep routes, Amendola in the flat combined with Gronkowski taking the post. Seems that the offense have many options. And Jaguars defense  accepted 42 points. When Ben Roethilisberger threw deep he found his target. Also, the running game of the Pats is solid, and Lewis could be a complication for the Jags defense. He can run from the Line of scrimmige and recieve the ball.

In the other side of the ball for the Patriots, their defense is getting better as the season ends. And in the last game against the Titans, they made 8 sacks and defended well the intentions of Mariota to run. He was always in hurry.

From the Jaguars. Do they have a strong OL that allow them to protect Bortles and more important, to establish the Rushing game with Fournette and Yeldon. And can they pressure Tom Brady? Cna they sack him? and can Jaguars defense cover the necesary time the WR and TE Gronk?

In my opinion those are the keys for the game on saturday.