Mexico’s NFL game is decided: LA Rams vs Kansas City chiefs

This information was revealed by ESPN.  2018 will be the third consecutive game of regular season. Preceded in 2017 with the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots, and in 2016 the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans. Both editions of the game in Mexico have been seen with good eyes for the NFL and that is why the agreement of the league to keep having the games in Mexico.

The two formed editions the Azteca Stadium was full until the end of the game. Even in the game Raiders Patriots, where the Raiders could not stop Patriots offense and were outscored 33-8. So, the reception of the games have been really well since 2016.

But, in those cases they were teams were famous in Mexico, specially the Raiders, and of course the Patriots, since all of the bandwagons known in Spanish as villamelones.  This year, the Rams and the Chiefs will visit Mexico. Both do not have a large tradition of fans in Mexico, so that may be a problem. Since the occasional fans of the NFL do not know them really well. Actually according to a report from NFL Mexico the Rams and  the Chiefs are in place 25 and  27 for fans in Mexico from all the 32 teams. The leading teams are the Steelers, the Patriots and the Cowboys.

The game in 2018 will be really interesting, both teams are in playoffs, one in the AFC and other in the AFC. They are champions of their divisions and both have strong running game. Kareem Hunt and Todd Gurley will give a great performance in Mexico city.

Rodrigo Galindo