For the third time in this NFL 2017 season the Saints and the Panthers will face. But now it will be postseason, wild card match up. The Carolina Panthers are visiting the New Orleans Saints, the champions or their division. It is interesting that this year the NFC has in playoffs three of the NFC south division; the Saints, the Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons.

Photo by Canal Street Chronicals

This time will be different. In the serie, the panthers were sweeped by the saints. And this time the panthers come from losing against the Falcons with a really erratic Cam Newton. However the panthers offense cannot be discarded. They finished 10-6, the same as the Saints, they won important game i.e against the Patriots in New England and finally Cam Newton accounted for an overwhelming 4,056, for 78.3%. So the Panthers are always a threat.

In the other hand the Saints are recovered from past season were they struggled a lot. This time the running game is fundamental with Mark Ingram and rookie Alvin Kamara. This couple of RB have changed the Saints offense and created a new balance between the running game and the always wonderful passing game of Drew Brees.

The winner of this game will  travel to Minnesota to face the Vikings….