The 2017 NFL season is over, and the voting for most valuable player are on. The top of the voting is for Tom Brady. The second place would be for Tod Gurley who has a 1,305 yards and 13 TD and other 788 recieving yards for a total of 2,093 yards. We think that Gurley have to be MVP.
Also his performance has helped the LA Rams to be back in play offs and be divitional champions since 2003.

As you can see in this NFL total access comparison between the Adrian Peterson’s MVP season and the 2017 Todd Gurley season, we can see that Todd Gurley is similar. 
However, is difficult for RB to win this kind of awards, over QB, and there are other QB MVP candidates, among them: Tom Brady, Carson Wenz, Drew Brees and even Case Keenum. 
Only time will tell.