As the San Francisco 49 ers are back on track, they won against the Jacksonville jaguars their 4th game in row. The y have had a misery in past seasons. And after they started 0-9 this season . It has been a tough season. And they will probably have a high draft pick. 
But after the Niners win against AFC South division champion Jacksonville, there’s a genuine belief in the Bay Area in the idea that with Garoppolo at quarterback for the Niners (5-10) in the future, all things are once again possible.
And also with coach Kyle Shanahan ( super bowl offensive cooridnator with the Falcons) many fans think they are ready to be contenders this season. So the new hope with Shanahan-Garoppolo is real. But they are not the only who are improving in San Francisco, also the deffense and the running game have improved. 
“I always felt like we could have won a bunch of games ” RB  Hyde  said. And indeed they were losing their games by a small difference. 

In the last game of the season for them, against the Rams , they will show what the’ve got. Will be a diffcult game for them visiting L.A Rams that have clinched the division title since 2003. With a powerfull running game and a great passing game with QB Jared Goff. And a team that is NFC champion contender..

Lets see what the how far they can get