The Super Bowl champions; The Patriots host the Atlanta Falcons in  Sunday Night Football prime time game. It was expected to be a tight game with many points by two teams. Although, it was not, it was a game dominated by the Patriots-.

In a foggy night at Foxborough the Patriots beat the Falcons 23-7. In the first half they outscored Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense, who struggled all the game to move the chains. The Patriots looked confident, moving the ball, they had passing game and rushing game alternating Giliselle and Lewis. As every week Brandon Cooks was a major target for Tom Brady. And young Falcons defense could not stopped them.  However, the heroes of the night was Patriots defense, who were ranked in the bottom of the NFL defense and were able to stopped Falcons offense, who was exactly the same offense that the SuperBowl one, except for Kyle Shannahan, who is having his problems in San Francisco.

Photo by Boston Herald

In the other hand, the Falcons were 3-2, they were in the 3rd place of their division, under the Saints and the Panters. And they have had problems facing AFC East conference teams, they lost against the Bills, the Dolphins and now the Patriots. In the last week game against the Dolphins, where they blew a 17  point lead, reporters asked HC Dann Quinn if this had something to do with  super bowl loss. He said it was nothing to do with it. But something happen to Falcons confidence or defense(?).
The Falcons were shut out for three quarters and they just scored in garbage time, a TD pass from Matt Ryan to Julio Jones ended a scoring streak that had encompassed five entire quarters.

Image: Sunday Night Football on NBC

Finally , as a result of this game, the Patriots are in the top of the AFC East; while the Falcons goes down to the third place  in the NFC South behind the Panters and the Saints.