Divisional round game. Both teams lost their previews games, Kansas City Chiefs against the Steelers in arrowhead and the Okland Raiders lost it against the Chargers  The AFC standings may change with the result of this prime time game. The Raiders will be looking forward to getting out from the bottom of the division, where the Chargers were before week 6. In their other hand the Chiefs will try to recover from Sunday loss at home and demonstrate they are in the top 1 of standings in the NFL.

This is not going to be easy, since many defensive coordinators have found the manner to stop Kansas city offense and neutralize Kareem Hunt and Tyrek Hill. In the game against the Steelers the Chiefs had problems moving the ball. So Andy Reid must find new ways to move the ball in offense.

In the other hand, the Raiders will try to overcome the injury of their QB Derek Carr.  Manuel has not done a bad job, but  has not adapted to the offensive system designed for Carr. The hope for the Raider offense will be to establish the running game and open the passing game possibilities to Richardson, Cooper and TE Cook.