Huge win for the Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan an his teams scored 34 points in the inauguration day of the new Mercedes Benz stadium, Devonta Freeman ran for 84 yards, and Matt Ryan threw for 252 yards. Falcons send a strong message for the NFC. They are back to be super bowl contenders by leading their division.

What is interesting about the Falcons defense, is that they have more experience than last year, is a young defense, in this game they rush the QB Aaron Rodgers, had two turnovers and keep to line Greenbay offense.  Besides that, Falcons defense still carring the shame of blewing a 25 point lead in the superbowl LI in Houston Texas against the Patriots. Atlanta defense look strong, but still have the challenge to keep that level in the 4th quarter.

Photo by esto

In the other hand, the Green Bay packers had a long Sunday night. Aaron Rodgers couldn’t move the chanis, Jordy Nelson was out for an injury, Ty Montgomery was no able to run the ball he just ran for 35 yards. And Rodgers threw 343 yards  included his 300 NFL pass. Besides that Aaron Rodgesr had 2 turnovers, one interception at the end of the first half and a fumble in a backwardss pass that went wrong after an inminent sack.

Packers must improve in the defense if they want to be a strong team in the north.