Mile High Stadium

Before the game stopped due to a thunder storm, the Broncos started with a strong offense leaded by Trevor Sieman, second year. Since the beginning they established the running game with healthy C.J Anderson and Jamal Charles that came this years from the Chiefs. Also Trevor Siemean found their WR Thomas and Sanders and worked well with the TE.

The Broncos had the domain from the beginning to the end, the Broncos defense just allowed 15 yards for one of the best RB in the league Ezekiel Elliot, the Broncos defensive backs, Harris Jr, Talib covering Cowboys WR and constantly  rushing Dak Prescott. Prescott threw two interceptions, were sacks by Von Miller two times and overthrew passes.

 Also, the possession time was for the Broncos. Long drives and many 3rd down conversions and an effective clock management. There is no doubt that Broncos offense has improved since last year, and the defense still in the top 10 of the league, since the SuperBowl 50. They ended the game with total 380 yards

For the Cowboys is a difficult loss, specially because broncos defense had the key to stop the running game, and the strong OL committed mistakes, allowed sacks and was dominated by a defensive line from the Broncos. They maybe have found how to stop Ezekiel Elliot. Cowboys had 268 yards at the end of the game.