New Orleans, Louisiana

After loosing in week 1 at home against the Kansas City Chiefs, the New England Patriots had a new opportunity to show how Bill Bellichik adjust the team and how Tom Brady came back throwing over 400 yards to an always weak saints defense. Tom Brady had several targets through the game, Cook, Gronkovski and Hogan.
The patriots now feel more confident looking forward week 3, when they will receive the Houston Texans (1-1).

Phto by gettyimages

In the other hand, the New Orleans Saints (0-2) struggled again with the defense. They allowed more than 500 yards. In the other side of the ball. The saints made 429 total yards. Besides that they were not able to compete or to be close to the Patriots. As in every season. The Saints must improve their defense if they want to compete in their divition, that look strong. Because by now they are at the bottom of it.