Thursday Night Football from Cincinnati Ohio

Both teams Houston Texans, and Cincinnati Bengals opened the season loosing against divisional rivals. The Texans lost the opening game at home against the Jacksonville jaguars 29-7, the OL allowed 10 sacks, 7 to Tom Savage and 3 to Rookie Deshaun Watson, out of Clemson.
In the other hand the Cincinnati Bengals had troubles in their opening game too, against the Baltimore Ravens they finished the game 20-0 and terrible numbers for Andy Dalton and A.J Green. And both have deadly turnovers.

Both teams had problems moving the chains, offense were limited and seem to have no many options, so the game became boring because both offenses were not advancing. It would seem that the game was more defensive, but it was not. Offense were terrible.

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But for the Texans there was some hop with Watson as a starter, the only TD  they scored was by an improvised running TD, but the rookie QB showed his ability to run, to identify the holes and he is very athletic. Also Bill O’Brien game plan changes with Watson with read options. Before that QB Tom Savage, Brock Osweiler, Brandon Weeden, were pocket QB, they did not have the ability to improvise  or run with the ball.

Finally the Bengals have a complicated season start. They are 0-2 now and have a difficult calendar. The packers, the Browns, the Bills and the Steelers in the following weeks.