September 10th

Dallas offense look strong,the lone star team showed a balanced offense, with Dak Prescott (4) as srtarting QB and second year Ezekiel Elliot as RB. Passing and running game seemed functional, by the end of the first half cowboys were up by 16 points.

Dallas defense, with a renewed  secondary DB was able to keep  Giants offense with only 3 points. The renewd defense did their job.

In the other side of the ball, Eli Manning had his 200th straight game a starter. Althought they had problems stablishing their offense, also, Odell Beckham Jr was out for an injury in the ankle.  In 2016 season, they won the serie 2-0 aginst the cowboys. But this time they had more problems in the oppening game. Just in the first half Eli Manning had 33 passing yards.

In the second half, the Giants made some adjustements, but they were stopped in the first drive of the second half and scored a FG and those were the only points in the scoreboard.


Giants WR had problems in having separations with the Cowboys defensive backs, so Eli Manning could not find them. And in the 4th quarter  Eli had an interception and no more points. The final score 19-3

With the result of this games seems that the NFC East will be competitive for consecutive season.  Bit after watching playing the Eagles and the Redskins play, I predict that the giants will have a difficult time in the divition.