Football is not away from politics.

In season 2016  the fromer 49 ers QB Colin Kapernick decided to kneel during the national anthem in protest for the police brutality against black people. Sonce then Kaprenick has been benched and after beeing realased from the 49ers he has not being signed by any other teams in the league. Allegedly by the owners that doesnt want to get invovled in politics or with ulltra nationalist fans.

However, there is a new movement calling for boycott the NFL. #BlackoutNFL. In recent days, a video has been circulating on social media black men—covering their favorite NFL jerseys with a black T-shirt, protesting for Collin Kaprenick not being signed by any team.And that will be the question. The NFL owners are giving a deterrance with Colin Kaprenik? Warning all the players that they should behave in certain way?

That definitely restricts the freedom of speach.

You can watch the video in the folowing link :

    The #BlackOut movement advocates four action steps:
  • Boycott the NFL (no games, no fantasy football, no jerseys, no nothing).
  • Commit one to two hours during the NFL season that you would have spent watching games tov mentoring young black boys and girls.
  • Spread the word to others.
  • “Take a knee” in prayer at 6 a.m. each day
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