Written by: Daniel Cortés Martínez

Eagles vs Mayas | lfa.mx

EAGLES vs MAYAS @ Palillo Stadium | Suerox Divisional Championship | Sunday, April 23th, 2017 | 15:00 p.m.

The LFA’s playoff second act is going to be starred by the powerful Mayas and the high-flying Eagles. These game will define the second and last honorary guest that will be playing for the Tazón México II (TMII) trophy. Both teams know each other very well as they have been building a strong divisional rivalry throughout the two seasons of the league. Back in February (week 1), the Eagles handed the first and only loss to the Mayas with a score of 33-21. However, the Mayas made the right adjustments to never be defeated again and closed the season as the favorites to repeat as champions.

Their second meeting (week 5) was a truly epic match that was defined in the last seconds. The Mayas prevented a furious comeback by the Eagles and took away the victory in what was probably the best game of the 2017 season. The rivalry sets a high tone for this playoff battle and the football fans should be very excited about what is coming. I am forecasting a violent warfare in all trenches. The Eagles defense will be looking forward to stop the formidable Mayas running game and need to close the gaps in the defensive line. However, the secondary will also have their hands full because the Mayas offense is very versatile and can make damage either by air or ground.

For their part, the Eagles offense have to cut down their mistake rate as the QB will be constantly hunted down by the Mayas colossal defensive line and their fantastic linebacker corps. The Eagles will need to establish a fast-paced rhythm and get points in every chance that they get. If they fail at doing so, they will be in serious problems. Nevertheless, the Eagles have the right weapons to put forth a good fight. They have proved time and time again that they can play great football and defeat even an extremely disciplined team as the Mayas. The key is to be as disciplined as the opponent. This is how we are going to close the evening, with a tremendous brawl between two of the most constant teams in the league that will be clashing for the right to represent the Suerox Division in the TMII. Be my guest and enjoy a great gift of the football gods.