Written by: Rodrigo Galindo

Mayas at Fundidores Tech Stadium, Monterrey, México.

Mayas 33-14 Fundidores

Fundidores were eliminated in the last game for them in LFA Mexican football league, 2nd season. They said goodbye with a 2-5 record that leave the northern mexican city unhappy about the results during the season.

On their  travel to Mexico City, the Mayas showed why they are the best football team until now. They finished with a 1-6 record. Only losing against the Eagles in week 1. After that, all has been wins for the Mayas, and this afternoon was not the exception.

Mayas started strong, in the  first drive, Marco García QB, N. 12, found Josué Martínez, N. 81, for a TD.  In the second quarter, the advantage increased with a 18-yards TD with a pass to Raul Ríos and, afterwards, Josué Martinez scored again. The game was 20-0 for the visitors. Part of the importance of this result was that Mayas showed a strong secondary defense, since they neutrailized the best Fundidores WR, Rodrigo Maldonado or “Tavison.”

On the other hand, Fundidores offense had the same OL problems that had in all the season. Their offense had problems findindg their way in the end zone. They found it at the end of the 2nd quarter, and in the third with a 10-yard-rushing TD and it seemed that the Fundidores were back in the game 20-14. Still, two TDs from Mayas by air put the game 33-14, making very difficult for the Fundidores offense, who struggled to score more points and tried to classify based on a point criteria.

                                                                    Photo from http://www.lfa.mx

This offseason Fundidores will have much to think, and to prepare for teams in Central Mexico that will face them in the next season. For their part, Mayas will be looking forward to the Eagles, the only team that beat them.