Written by: Daniel Cortés Martínez

Eagles vs Condors | FootballProMx

Eagles 31-16 Condors

The Eagles stole away the victory from the Condors and snatched their invitation to the LFA’s playoff party. Founding their attack basically on an option offensive scheme and rotating constantly their QB’s in the same series, the “Red Birds” discovered a successful formula to take down the Condors and advance to the conference championship against the mighty Mayas.

As it was expected, this was a nasty battle between two teams that were playing for the right to continue alive in the next stage of the tournament. In the first action of the game, the Eagles muffed the kickoff and the Condors recovered by the 20 yard line mark deep into Eagles territory, just to set for a Field Goal three plays later. Then on, the Eagles showed their QB carousel in the first series rotating Joaquín Juárez (No. 16), Raúl Mateos (No. 18) and Ricardo Quintana (No. 5) trying to benefit from the abilities of each signal caller.

This play calling proved to be effective as the series culminated with a Touchdown on an option play with RB Mario Castelán (No. 21) as the main performer. This was just the beginning for one of the best power backs in the league who went on to deliver a fine spectacle. The Condors could not find any chemistry at their attack because they committed numerous back-breaking penalties and allowed the Eagles defense to make big plays. They sustained a long offensive series just to fall short to convert a 4th down deep into Eagles territory and left at least three more points on the field.

After an Eagles punt, the Condors tried again with short passes and a no-huddle offense. A pass interference against the Eagles set the opportunity for Arturo Sánchez (No. 7) to test the deep air and found Ulises Tovar for a 50 yard gain. On the next play RB Donnell Alexander (No.8) bolted up to the middle of the defense to reach the end-zone and retake the lead on the scoreboard. However, the rhythm at offense could not continue in the second half and the Eagles kept on pounding with the running game to find the end-zone again with Mario Castelán (No. 21).

Eagles vs Condors | FootballProMX

The 3rd quarter, and a good part of the 4th quarter were defined by either good defensive play or mediocre offensive production from both teams, as it was all punting away the ball or a costly interception to Juárez (No. 16) by Julio Obregon (No. 14). The scoreboard maintained the Eagles ahead with 13 points against 10 from the Condors. Still, a very close match. However, the Eagles pressured constantly with their fantastic defensive front men: Rafael Rojas (No. 90) and Octavio Martínez (No. 98) wreaking havoc in the middle of the line, stuffing the run and sacking Condors QB Arturo Sánchez (No. 7).

At the middle of the 4th quarter, it began to look like a familiar scene for the Condors. First, the Eagles scored again with yet another option play courtesy of RB Adán Oliveros (No. 3). Then, the Condors marched down the field only to be intercepted by WR/DB Billy Owens (No. 14) who had an impressive game as a defensive back. The Condors’ mistake was seized by the Eagles and scored on the ground with Vladimir Araiza (No. 33). The Condors’ fall down was completed when Israel Mariscal (No. 35) tracked down an Arturo Sanchez throw to pick it up and take it all the way to the house. Game ball for the “Red Birds”.

The Condors (2-6) finish their up-and-down season with a bitter note and with many things to evaluate and fix for the next season. It has been tough for them to elevate their game to the state of the art showcased by teams as the Mayas or Raptors, and they need to put together the pieces to compete with that class of squads. For their part, the Eagles (4-3) are in a position to prove themselves as a suitable competitor for the Mayas in the division. They face a difficult task and have to be well prepared to face a renowned enemy for the right to represent the division in the Tazón México. An exciting and must anticipated game that will keep us with our hands full for a couple of weeks.