Written by: Rodrigo Galindo

Dinos vs Raptors,  week 7 at Saltillo Olympic stadium

It is the last week of LFA Mexican football league regular season, and playoffs are about to start. In Under Armour Division, Fundidores and Dinos are looking to clinch a playoff birth – both teams need to win the game,  and in case Dinos win this match, they would face again Raptors from Mexico State in the semifinals, which will be hosted in Raptors house, since they are the N.1 seed in that division.

Dinos faced the Raptors in week 2, where Dinos blew a 20-point lead with the greatest comeback in the league, directed by Raptors offense with Bruno Marquez as a QB. But this game will be different. It is going to be played at Olympic stadium in Saltillo. It is the final game of regular season and, for the Dinos, it is alomst playoff game. They  must win if they want to stay alive. On the other hand, the Raptors had alreadly clinched their playoff birth and the N. 1 seed of the division. They have nothing to lose. Eventhough they are thinking in winning, probably they will bench some of the most important players to keep them in track for the playoffs.

Then, in that case, Fundidores have a more difficult task beating 5-1 Mayas. To read more visit: