Written by: Daniel Cortés Martínez

Mayas vs Fundidores | lfa.mx

MAYAS vs FUNDIDORES @ Estadio Tec, Monterrey | Sunday, 9th April, 2017 | 14:00pm

The Mayas (5-1) have to pay a visit to tough Monterrey before they focus their energies in the conference championship of their playoff bracket. The Fundidores (2-4) will host a major challenge to their own postseason aspirations and forcibly need to take away the win to control their own destiny. If the Saltillo Dinos fall to the Raptors and the Fundidores win, they will get into the desired playoffs. On the other hand, if the Fundidores tumble against Mayas, and Dinos loose too, we will have to take into consideration the league’s tie-breakers to get to know the last guest to the postseason.

The Mayas are an extremely disciplined and well-coached team that will took their powerful defense and their high-flying offense to the Estadio Tec in order to wrap up their wonderful season with another win. The Fundidores are looking to turn around their otherwise disappointing first season in the league, and reach the 8th game to continue hoping with a championship. They started last week by beating the Dinos with Chad “Ochocinco” in their lines, and taking the second place of the Under Armour division.

However, the Fundidores will need to be focused in every level of the game because, when you face a team like the Mayas there must be no margin of error. They have to be mentally and physically tougher than the visitors. The Mayas are not willing to concede anything to Fundidores even though they are already qualified to postseason. Expect this to be a totally physical game with a lot of hard contact and extenuating heat in the northern lands of Mexico.