Written by: Daniel Cortés Martínez

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Condors vs Eagles | lfa.mx

CONDORS vs EAGLES @ Palillo Stadium, México City | Sunday, 9th April 2017 | 11:00am
The last ticket to the 2017 LFA’s playoffs in the Suerox division is up for grabs. The Eagles (3-3) and the Condors (2-4) are in position to slay their opponent and get on the fast track to face the Mayas in the conference championship. Each team face an enormous task because they both come from painful losses at the hands of two of the best teams in the league (Raptors and Mayas respectively). In their previous games, the Eagles and Condors looked lost at times and overwhelmed by the opponents defenses. 
The Eagles flubs at offense were their main problem when they faced the Raptors last week. They gave away too many balls in consecutive series and found a hard time to establish chemistry within their backfield and the receivers corps. QB Joaquín Juárez (No. 16) mentioned in the press conference, after the Raptors game, that they had an internal team talk to fix communication issues and rebuild the unity and trust between Eagles’ players and their coaching staff. Let’s see if the team gets in to the field with renewed energies to handle the Condors and get their way into playoffs.
For their part, the Condors fought a hard battle against the Mayas, only to fall short and collapse in the 4th quarter. Head Coach Enrique Zapata is very conscious that, in order to beat a good team like the Eagles, they need to close every quarter just as they did the first three quarters against the Mayas. The offense needs to protect the ball and maintain long series to take away the Eagles the opportunity to score. The last time these teams met each other, the Condors stole away the victory along with the Eagles’ undefeated record in week 3.
Finally we are entering the last week of regular season in the LFA tournament with this savvy match. It stands as the lone game in Palillo stadium for this Sunday as the Raptors visit Saltillo’s Dinos and Mayas get on their way to face Fundidores in Monterrey. Expect this to be a blood bath as the “birds of prey” will try to get the opponents eyes at all costs to survive in the mexican football realm.