Written By: Daniel Cortés Martínez

Mayas WR Aaron Williams No. 6 | Credit: Ángel Santiago FootballProMX

Condors 20-47 Mayas

The Mayas have already taken their ticket to the playoffs, paving the way to the defense of their championship, after they erased the Condors from the map. Actually, this was a different game in comparison with their previous meeting, as the Condors fought well during three quarters. Still, a furious and aggressive defensive spectacle, and an impeccable execution in the red-zone got the Mayas shredding apart a fast declining Condors team.
The Mayas opened the scoreboard after a 10-play series – 5 runs, 5 passes – culminating with a TD by Edgar Arroyo, N. 33, on a retarded run to the left in which Arroyo showed great speed reaching the end-zone without being touched by any Condor player. The extra point was missed, so the “Blue Empire” had to conform with 6 points. However, the Condors didn’t take long time to answer the first points. They tried to establish the running game with success, crossing the field on 4 plays and getting a TD with a great connection by QB Arturo Sánchez, N. 7, with WR Luis Hernández de la Vega, N. 17. The extra point was also missed so the Condors tied the game to 6 points.
The “Blue Empire” began to work the Condors secondary and QB Marco García, N. 12, distributed the ball between star WR Aaron Williams, N. 6, Raul Ríos, N. 8, and a reliable pass catching Edgar Arroyo, N. 33, who damaged Condors’ defense constantly. However, Condors’ defense only allowed a Mayas FG entering the 2nd quarter. After a couple of three and outs for both teams, the Condors chunked most of the 2nd quarter with a long series that got Hernandez de la Vega, N. 17, with a pair of big time plays – 41-yard catch – and ended with a TD granting the Condors their first lead of the game. The Mayas shortened the gap with another FG and got to rest down by 1 point.
Condors vs Mayas | Credit: Ángel Santiago FootballProMX
Mayas’ defense stopped the Condors on the first series of the 3rd quarter, and went on to march down the field due to big runs courtesy of the extraordinary Omar Cojolum, N.1, who crossed the goal line on a power run without being touched again. The Condors continued to exploit the capacity of Sánchez – de la Vega connections with fantastic pass protection, granting N. 17 a 66-yard catch. Then, a beautiful floated TD pass with José Antonio Vázquez, N. 11, got the Condors ahead of Mayas once again. The score: 20-19. Mayas didn’t want to fall behind, and with a great kickoff return, it only took 2 plays to García, N.12, to find Williams, N. 6, in the end-zone with tremendous accuracy.
From this point on it was a complete fall down from the Condors. The Mayas got a TD in 2 plays at the beginning of 4th quarter after a 38-yard pass to Williams, N. 6; and the TD run by Arroyo, N. 33. Condors’ defense began to break and so did the offense. On their next series, Mayas LB José Lenin Ortiz, N. 52, batted a pass from Salvador Castañeda, N. 16, and intercepted it. Mayas’ offense went on to score immediately on a connection between QB José Luis Canales, N. 19, and WR Josué Martínez, N. 81. The score at this point read 20-40, in favor of the “Blue Empire”. The Condors miscues continued as they fumbled on their next play that was recovered by Mayas, who went on to score again sealing the game.
It was a really exciting game that gave us amazing highlights with great passes – power runs and defensive plays. It was very enjoyable to watch the level that the Mayas showcased in one quarter alone that left us thinking that they are the favorites to repeat as the Tazón México champions. The Condors, for their part, are still alive after the Eagles got beaten by the Raptors. The last ticket to the playoffs is coming down at the Week 7 showdown between Eagles and Condors. The Mayas got home savoring the post-season tilts that are ahead of their schedule.