Tech Stadium Fundidores 14-6 Dinos
Written by Rodrigo Galindo

                                             Photo: Chad Johnnson , former NFL Cinncinatti Bengals Player. from 
Fundidores win in week 6, LFA rematch, against the Dinos from Saltillo, in Techstadium in, Monterrey. The Fundidores needed to win this game in order to keep on in the fight for the playoffs to enter as wildcards in the Suerox divition
The first game of the serie was for the Dinos, they won 33-16. It is important to mention that Fundidores had to win this game to keep thinking of the playoffs, and they acomplished the task. 
The game started with strong defense game in both teams. In the first drive of the game, QB Miguel Angel Chen was intercepted by Fundidores DB, N. 29, since then , Dinos offensive played conservative at the offense. But their defense found the way to force to punt Fundidores offense in the first half. Specially CB N. 2,  Jesús Cantú, who Covered former NFL player, Chad Johnson, all the game with some help of the safety. 
On the other hand, Fundidores had many options in the first half, the presence of Chad Johnson as a WR got attention from Dinos secondary, so other recievers such as Rodrigo Maldonado, or Luis de la Torre were open to receive passes from QB, Roberto Vega. Besides that, Chad Johnnosn did not receive a pass until the third quarter of the game.  The first TD of Fundidores came with a 20-yard pass from Vega to Rolando Medina. The Second TD came by the hand of Chad Johnson, who showed great moves and performance; and had a 20-yard reception for a TD. 
It was a great afternoon for the Fundidores that, at the end of the game, found out that Chad Johnson was about to play next week against the Champions, the Mayas.