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Condors vs Mayas |

MAYAS vs CONDORS @ Palillo Stadium, México City | Sunday, 2nd April 2017 | 11:00 a.m.

In their first meeting of this season, the Mayas took care of the Condors with the largest score differential of the year by beating them 64-16. On that day, the offensive side of the Condors was a mess and the Mayas’ defense took advantage of every opportunity they gave them, situation that got reflected in the scoreboard.

Here’s what to look for in the rematch:

– After the bully beatdown, the Condors went on to grant their first loss to the previously undefeated Eagles, a fact that shows that they made the right adjustments, in order to defeat one of the toughest teams in the league. Condors defeated Fundidores with a 2-point game, only to fall the next week by the hands of Saltillo Dinos. Both things show an inconsistent team that gets a hard time to get into rhythm. This time, the Condors have to come well prepared to face probably one of the best defenses in town. The Condors not only have to make up their mistakes in the offensive side and stick with their most consistent QB; but also, they need to try to establish the running game early, as that proved to be an effective formula when they faced the Fundidores. Expect Condors to be better at defense as they will try to stop Mayas solid running game.

– For their part, the Mayas need to capitalize with every opportunity that gets into their path, in both sides of the ball. Their formidable defense is set to be the main character once again, but the Mayas are a well coached team, and very well balanced in every aspect of their game. They just need to be more focused on their game and finish their plays. This time itis hard to give an outlook, as we don’t know what kind of Condors team is going to suit in the field, but we must expect it to be an even game without the same scoreboard of their previous match.

– Mayas are seeking to take the crown of the Suerox division.  A win this Sunday will get them closer to that goal on their way to the defense of the championship. On the other side, Condors are looking forward to get back on the right side of the winning track, and winning this match would be a huge success for them. The Condors are mathematically in the playoff race, but if they lose, they could be easily saying goodbye to their 2017 campaign.