Written by: Daniel Cortés Martínez

Photo by Angel Santiago Footballpromx

Raptors 14-10 Fundidores

The second game of the day at “Palillo” stadium brought together a pair of fresh teams to close the activities of Week 5 in LFA. This time, the show was in charge of the Raptors and the Monterrey Fundidores. The last time these teams met, the Fundidores won by one point and the Raptors were looking forward to take revenge in this match.

The first productive series came from the Fundidores side commanded by N. 12, Roberto Vega, who marched down the field with poise and making connections with WR Luis de la Torre, N. 14,mixing well with short runs by Alberto Espinosa, N. 33. The Raptors defense looked lost and committed key penalties – offside and pass interference  that allowed the Fundidores to continue with the possession of the ball. On 2nd opportunity, Vega released the ball and, with a spectacular one-hand catch, Marcos Treviño, N. 84, opened the score for the Fundidores team.

The Raptors took the ball with the offense, looking to answer fast the first points. The Fundidores defense pressured Raptors QB Bruno Márquez, N. 12, since the beginning of the match. The home team needed to punt away the ball, but failed to establish any kind of rhythm at offense; however, the Raptors defense stepped on and began to work at stuffing the run and tackling the quick passes, who forced the Fundidores offense to leave the field fast.

The running game of the Raptors took a spark when David Rosales, N. 18, ran for 23 yards, and their offense looked better at the start of the second quarter. On a trip to the red-zone, Márquez connected with N. 86, Borrego Barraza, who powered his way into the end-zone to give the home team their first points of the game. It was a great play for the former Comanche.

The Fundidores were trying to balance their game, who made a good choice between running plays through the middle and quick slants. That strategy took them to the red-zone, where they tried to undermine Raps by run. Still, the adjustments on defense controlled the situation and the Fundidores went for the FG to retake the lead.

The first half closed with great defensive play, and the Fundidores went to the locker room winning by 3 points. At the beginning of the second half, N. 88, Mario Guadarrama, took the Raptors into the end-zone, after a big play that set the offense on the 10-yard line. A beautiful toss, courtesy of Márquez, floated to the left corner, only to land smoothly on the hands of WR Ivan García, N. 16. A thing of beauty. The Raptors took the lead 14-10 to never lose grip of it again.

The main problem for the Fundidores was their offense, which lost all kind of rhythm and never regain it, allowing the Raps defense to pressure constantly QB Roberto Vega, N. 12. The outcome of the game should have been a lot different, if it wasn’t for the miscues of the Raptors at offense. They easily left two TDs on the field by giving the ball away to interceptions. The Fundidores defense took advantage of those mistakes, but failed to capitalize.

The Raptors defense made their presence felt, with a hard hitting game, that surely left the Fundidores thinking about it. The Fundidores defense hardly found an answer to the Márquez-Borrego connection that was very productive throughout the game, but the offense also failed to convert a FG – continuing with the production issues that plagued their day. It was a hard-fought win for the Raptors who clearly expected better results in the scoreboard. Now they take the sole lead of the Under Armour Division. The Fundidores fall to the basement of the same Division, with their playoff hopes severely damaged.