Condors 10-23 Dinos

In week 5 LFA, 4 teams had their rest by week. Only Condors were visiting Saltillo Dinos.

The first quarter ended 10-3 winning the local team in Saltillo, Coahuila, northern Mexico. It started with a good field position with Donell Alexander, N. 8, and continued with a good drive by Condors – leaded by QB Castañeda scoring the first points of the game for the Condors with a FG. But the Dinos made a good drive, and scored a TD. The game was 7-3. After that, Dinos scored another TD.

Dinos had a conservative game. They did their job in offense, defense, and special teams. Miguel Angel Chen was QB. They were able to move the chains, keep the offense moving and, in the field, they stablished a good running game, openning the field for the passing game. The most important for Dinos was to get their second win of the season.

On the other hand, Condors offense was explosive and they scored a TD in a 1st down with a hitch pass to Nestor Mosqueda, N. 21. The QB Castañeda was injured and entered QB Sánchez that had an over 50-yard pass to Donell Alexander, who comes from Colorado State.

Besides that, Condors had many mistakes in many areas. They dropped passes, had fumbles, and missed field goals. They played well in general, but they were victims of their own mistakes. Now both teams will have the same record: 3-2.