Mayas 34-31 Raptors

Since the preparation for the week, it seemed that this would be a great game. There is a great rivalry betweeen the Mayas and the Raptors since their last game. They are the teams that played the championship game in LFA first final, “Mexico Bowl”. The victory was for the Mayas.
This game was really promising, and it did not dissapoint. It was a back and forth game. Great plays and offense looked strong with both teams. Both QB Bruno Marquez, and QB Marco García showed a great performance.

First of all, Mayas showed, as in every game, a tremendous offense. Big plays by QB, who had a good passing game, and also they opened their field with the RB Omar Cojolum and Edgar Arroyo, N. 33, who had great ball returns as a fielder. The running game was really important to open the passing game, even without their main WR, Aaron Wiliams that was out of the game due to an injury. They  looked as really strong teams, except for their Field Goal kicker, who missed two FG and important extra points. Also, Mayas defense looked strong, they have been the best in the league with few points allowed.

On the other hand, Raptors had a great game too, they were able to correct important mistakes of past games. Coach Rafael Duk gave the position to QB Bruno Márquez, who had a great performance, but it was not enough this time with their RB Dan Avila, since the running game had complications during the second half. The OL seemed tired at the end of the game, not giving time to Bruno Marquez to throw the ball and find Raptor’s receivers. The defense allowed some Mayas big plays, one including a rushing play QB Marco García.

They lost the game again. But many people in the media, and in the public are considering now Mayas vs Raptors as a first “classic” game of the league.

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