Condors 14-12 Fundidores

The prime time Mexican football game was between the Fundidores, from Monterrey, visiting the Condors in Mexico City. It was a difficult defensive game for both teams that were looking for their second win in the season. Now 1-3 for Fundidores it would be difficult to overcome. 

The Condors started with QB Arturo Sánchez and had complications in the passing game. But in one 3down and 1 yard to go, Sánchez threw a deep ball and was intercepted. Then, there was a QB change for Salvador Castañeda. Some of their QR had important receptions like Mosqueda, N. 21, and Luis Hernandez, N. 17. But at the end of the first half, they were 6-7. At the end of the game, Condors were able to run the ball and score a TD to score 14 points. 
On the other hand, the Fundidores had a strong offensive line and a good QB, Gustavo Vega, but they were unable to score points with their offense, even though they were taking advantage of Condors secondary defense, which had had problems in the past games. But in the second half, Fundidores looked tired at the end of the 4th quarter, the defense missed some important tackles, and the OL allowed 5 sacks. Actually, the game ended with a sack. It could be the height of Mexico City, or the complications during the trip –the norm for a LFA team is that they travel the same day of the game. Finally, their special teams, as every game had problems and it was an important factor for Fundidores  loss. They missed a FG and one extra point, 4 points that would have been useful in a closed game, which ended 16-14.