Mayas 30-12 Dinos

Mayas looked strong in both sides of the ball last Sunday hosting the Dinos. The passing  and the running game was strong with RB Coholum, and besides the Dinos defense, the Mayas were able to stop Aaron Wiliams receptions, who had more weapons to tackle. In the first half, the match was 20-0 against the Dinos, who suffered several injuries.

The Dinos tried to start a difficult comeback, the defense scored two safeties, but the Mayas defense neutralized the Dinos offense. A final forced fumble by Mayas defense avoided all the attempts for a comeback. Mayas took the day.

In the press conference, coach Alfaro and players  QB, RB, and WR  seemed confident. They answered specific questions about the next game against the Raptors; and about the complication of Dinos defense. But they were happy and looked like they really enjoyed the game. Although they lost their first game against the Eagles, they recovered, and in week 2 scored 66 points, this time just 30. Until now, the most effective offense of the league in points.

Next week they are having an important challenge  defeat the Raptors in their own home.