Condors 16-64 Mayas

Condors recovers from two lost games in a row  one by a shameful difference 66-16. Mayas made look terrible Condors defensive backs.

Condors 24-20 Eagles

But in week 3 of LFA, mexican football league, Condors recovered. They could defeat the Eagles, who were 2-0 and growing fast. During the first half, Condors had problems with stopping Eagles offense, which had a QB change from Raul Mateos to Joaquin Juárez, a new starter. Raul Mateos was playing other positions like WR or even defensive back. We do not understand the reason of this decision.

In the first half, it looked like the Condors were going to lose again, because they dealed with 2 problems during this week – they could not stop the passing game; they missed tackles and important defensive plays. However, the Condors managed to stablish an offense, based in their excelent passing game from QB Castañeda to their WR, including american Donell Alexander, who had their first TD in Mexico. Castañeda showed a strong and precise arm. And in the second half, their defense made an interception and to force 3 fumbles.

On the other hand, the Eagles had a difficult game with  five turnovers during the game; two interceptions; and 3 forced fumbles. The one responsible of the fumbles was their QB Raul Mateos. They started the game really confident and they were winning the game. “Red Fury’s” QBs, Joaquin Juárez and Ricardo Quintana, conected some good passes. Eagles has one of the best backfields of the league and a strong OL. Still, the Eagles had some mistakes  the kicker missed a FG, and an extra point. The QB had 4 fumbles and other QB had interceptions

Finally, it was one of the most interesting and closed games of week 3. However, both teams will need to improve in details. On the Eagles side, they need to have ball security; and Condors must improve zone coverage and tackle efficiently.