Fundidores 22-21 Raptors

Fundidores looked like a strong team in offense and deffense. They hade a great QB with a strong and precise arm, and a good WR and offensive line. It was hard to realize that they were 0-2. Among Fundidores players, they have mythic Sergio Cantú, defensive back famous for intercepting Carolina Panther QB, Cam Newton, in a college football pre-season game.

The game Raptors vs Fundidores was a life or death matchup for local Fundidores. If they had lost the game, they were going to be eliminated from playoffs. But they handled to have a good enough game in order to win the match.

The first TD scored by a +50-yard pass to WR N. 14, Luis de la Torre. It was an amazing play. Also, they had a strong passing game with other WRs like N. 84, Marcos Treviño, and N. 6, Rolando Medina, who were really important for the Fundidores passing game. They were able to run yards after the catch and they created separation from the defensive backs.

The running game was also working for Fundidores N. 21 and N. 22, Miguel y Adrián Flores – both of them were former Tigres players from University of Nuevo Leon.  They ran behind a strong offensive line and they found the spaces to run the ball.

Still, Fundidores team had so much more than a bad performance. They missed two field goals, one of 20 yards; one extra point; and one time they played 4th down and without success. Fundidores must review his kicker Miguel López. because in Week 2, during the Fundidores game against the Eagles, he failed important FGs.

On the other hand, the Raptors were looking forward to another comeback, but coach Ernesto changed QB at the end of the first half, from Bruno Marquez to Mauricio Hernandez. Still, he put back Marquez in the last quarter.

Fundidores can breathe, they have had their first victory, but they are traveling to Mexico City to face the Condors that, just like them, have won their first game. It will be an interesting matchup.

Finally, Fundidores Stadium has a better visibility than the “Palillo” Martinez stadium in Mexico City.