Mayas 30-12 Dinos

Mayas showed a tremendous offense hosting the Saltillo Dinos on LFA Week 3, at the”Palillo” Martinez Stadium, in Mexico City. The Mayas offense started strong since the fist quarter, with a strong system and a good balance of plays. With the RB Cojolum, N. 1, and WR Aaron Wiliams and Josué Martínez.

Also, Mayas’ defense could stop Dinos’ offense, who came from week 2 blowing a 20-point lead against the Raptors. The offensive leaded by Miguel Ángel Chen could not find the way to open the field, and find the receivers in order to stablish a running game. After the game, coach Guillermo, from Dinos team, explained the problems they had with injuries related to Dinos WR.

Photo by lfa.

The game was 20-0 at the end of the second quarter. At the beggining of the second quarter, the Dinos found their way to put points in the score with safety. After that, they made QB change, and replaced by QB Alberto García, N. 4. He was able to score a TD, and the Dinos defense had another safety. However, they were not able to comeback in the game, they had a fumble in the last quarter that buried the posibilities of winning for the Dinos.

In the press conference, Dinos stated that they were dissapointed, but they are looking forward to the next games they have at home.

What it is sure is that Mayas offensive is becoming one of the best in the league and, until now, they strong contenders for the championship.