It was a really closed game. Fundidores had their second lose in the LFA Mexican football season. The Fundidores had their debout in the Technological stadium in Northern Mexico. They came from losing their first game against the Dinos from Satlillo.  They faced the Eagles from Mexico City. 

They started the game with a strong determination, playing a fourth down in their first drive that ended in points. But the Eagles responded, scoring 3 with that amazing kicker they have nicknamed “The lawyer kicker”.

The fundidores had problems with the turnovers  two interceptions for QB David Vega. Still, the defense stopped the Eagles and made two interceptions. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 24-18. Eagles had a TD and a 48-yard FG that made the difference; and now the Eagles are undefeated.

The Coach Polo Treviño claimed that they were wrong in their strategy, and they are looking forward to improve in the three teams for a complicaded next week against the Mayas, which comes from an overwhelming victory against the Condors. On the other hand, the Eagles host a mistreated Condors.