In a great offensive game the Dinos visit the Raptors from Mexico state. From the beggening of the game the Dinos looked like a strong team. Good OL, Everything went well for Miguel Angel Chen QB and his preffered WR Gerardo Álvarez. In the first half connected two TD. However the Dinos have problems with the Field Goal kicker Hector López he missed two extra points and a field goal!! This 5 points cost more to the Dinos than they have wished.

The Dinos seemed relentless winning 20-0 almost at he ehd of the 2nd quarter. But at the end of it Raptors started what it will be the most amazing comeback from this second season in LFA. The Raptors scored 21 points unanswered in three drives leaded by QB Bruno Márquez with great accuracy.

Dinos could not respond neither in offense or deffense until a change of QB, from Miguel Angel Chen to QB Alberto García. That TD gave them the opportunity to be back at the game. They were tied 27-27.

Finally a fumble from Alejo Treviño at the end of the game gave the Raptors another opportunity to score and sentence the game.

Now the Raptors are undefeated and the Dinos are looking formard come back to Mexico Valley and face the Mayas.

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