The Condors (0-2)  team lost this sunday against the Mayas. Both losing teams in week one were looking desperatly for a victory. Both teams looked well in their oppening games, and Condors lost in a closed score. It was expected to be a closed game. Condors and Mayas seemed strong, but the Mayas easily defeated the Condors in all the three teams.

Mayas offense was funcitonal, and it improved from that of week 1, where QB Marco García had problems finding open receivers. In this match, the passing and rushing game worked as it was expected. Marco García found the American Aaron Wiliams in several ocations for a two-TD passes in the first half.
Condors defense had a difficult  afternoon trying to stop the Mayas offense, and at the end of the game allowed 64 points. Condors offense had an acceptable start, but they were not able to stablish an operant offense during the game. The coach changed QB in three times: Arturo Sánchez; Salvador Castañeda; and César Moulinie, the last two had interceptions.

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All in all, the ghost of the last season came back, Condors are (0-2,) and next week they are facing the undefeated Eagles (2-0) that have big dreams. It is time for Condors to wake up.