Now, both winner teams in week 1 face each other in a new stadium, adapted for football LFA in Naucalpan, Mexico State  (10 miles from Mexico City.) This stadium willl be the house of the Raptors from Mexico State.

Dinos from Satillo won in what it seems to be an easy game for them. They had multiple-TD passes; an interception returned to TD; and a great defense that was able to pressure the QB.

On the other hand, the Raptors had a demanding game against the Condors. They were tied with just 6 points in the first half. Then, QB, Bruno Marquez was able to make some interesting plays, he scored a TD and won the game.

The keys for the game will be for Saltillo defense to press the QB, and keep a spy, because Bruno Marquez is a really mobile QB. Until now, Saltillo is the strongest team in the north, it used to play under the sun with high temperatures. In my opinion, they will be able to adapt to conditions easily in Mexico State.

In the last profesional football league, the extint Dinosaurios (Dinosaurs) were the champions in 1996. Does this new era of Dinos from 2017 have a chance to win this year?