One of the most interesting matchup in LFA mexican football league week 2 will be the (1-0) Eagles , visiting the (0-1) Fundidores in Tecnológico Stadium in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (northern Mexico) on Sunday. What makes this match up so stimulating. Here we go:

  1. Fundidores started this season visiting the Dinos in Saltillo, Coahuila.They lost 33-16 against the Dinos. They did not have their dreamed debut. The coach and the players confirmed that. In the city there were a great expectation about what does former college players from the best Univerisities in the area would do in professional football.  They also , had some problems with their OL, in many plays, QB Roberto Vega threw under pressure. If the Fundidores want to do they must give more time to the QB.
  2. Secondly, the Eagles come from Mexico City with a victory against the champions the Mayas in a very closed game. However they mannaged to look like a strong team in all the departments (offense, defense and special teams). They were able to stop the Mayas passing game by pressuring the QB and neutralize the passing game. They also showed strong passing game with WR Billy Owens and Marco Patrarca. And finally their field goal kicker Jorge Leon (the lawyer kicker) scored two field goals over 40 yards.

Finally, we expect to see a developed offense from the Eagles side, and the Fundidores must find the way to stop it and give time to their QB to move the chains, have ball secutiry and keep the possesion of the ball if they want to proof their local fanbase that they are a team worthy of Monterrey, a city with strong football tradition.

Final Score Eagles win 30-23