Mayas and Condors were both loosing teams in week 1 LFA Mexican Football League. Mayas the champions , lose against the Eagles and Condors lose against the Raptors from (Naucalpan). Both teams will be looking for a victory, not to start the season 0-2. In the case of the Condors they must play the way they did it tin the first half of the game against the Raptors. But in the second half they were able to score the  tochdown of the victory. Besides that Coach Zapata stated that he felt confident about the performance of the team, and they are confident to make adjudments looking forward to the game with mayas.

Mayas showed a good performance in special teams and running game with their RB Coholum. In the other hand, when they give time to QB Marco García to throw he usually fins someone open.

As a prediction, we think it will be a really closed game. Where defensives will be the main factor.  We will give the win to the Condors 17-10.


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